PGConference Nepal - 2023

Pre-Conference Training
getting started with PostgreSQL 15

About Training
About Training
Date: May 9-10, 2023
Venue: Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kathmandu
Training Lead: Egor Rogov

About Training Leads
The training is led by Egor Rogov, the author of “PostgreSQL Internals” book and co-author of “Postgres: The First Experience” booklet. Egor graduated from Computer Science Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University and has more than 15 years of Database Management Systems experience as an application developer and project manager. Since 2015 Egor works on educational programs in Postgres Professional company.

Training Contents
Pre-conference event is an introductory training course. It is aimed at novice DBAs (but also should be helpful for application developers to better understand what's going on at the database side).

Prerequisites for the course are basic understanding of SQL (nothing fancier than two-table joins) and some acquaintance with Linux (basic command like ls/cd/sudo).

The course covers basics of PostgreSQL architecture (things like MVCC, vacuum, buffer cache, WAL), installation and managing the server, using psql, data organization from both logical and physical points of view, and an overview of access control, backups, and replication.

The course is organized in several lessons. Each lesson consists of 20..60 mins of theory followed by 20..30 mins of practical assignment.
For practical exercises students should use laptops with the course virtual machine installed.
Minimum requirements: 64-bit host operating system and 1GB of spare operating memory for the VM.

    Day 1
        Basic Toolkit
            01. Overview: Installation and Management, psql
            02. General Overview
            03. Isolation and Multiversion Concurrency Control
            04. Vacuum
            05. Buffer Cache and Logging
        Data Organization
            06. Logical Layout
    Day 2
        Data Organization (continued)
            06. Physical Layout
        Administration Tasks
            07. Monitoring
        Access Control
            09. Access Control Overview
        Backup and Replication
            10. Backup and Restore Overview
            11. Replication Overview
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2023 May 11 (Thu) ~ 12 (Fri)

@Dhulikhel, Nepal

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