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Talk by Sandip Basnet
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Database in a Microservice with PostgreSQL

Sandip Basnet

Microservices architecture has gained significant popularity in recent years for its ability to break down software into smaller, more manageable components. In the database realm, microservices offer several advantages, including the ability to scale and manage data more efficiently and to reduce downtime during upgrades and maintenance.
On the talk we'll discuss on the overview of microservices architecture and its benefits in the context of database management , Practices for designing and implementing a microservices-based database architecture such as multi-schema databases, shared-nothing architectures, and event-driven architectures etc.

The talk will help the developers, architects, and database administrators who are interested in exploring new approaches to database management in a microservices environment using PostgreSQL.
The session will provide practical guidance and real-world examples for implementing a microservices-based database architecture, as well as opportunities for discussion and questions from the audience.

About Speaker:

Sandip is a dedicated software engineer who has spent the last 5 years designing and building scalable and robust backend solutions. His expertise in JavaScript ecosystem, combined with his knowledge of databases, makes him a versatile backend developer who is comfortable working with a range of technologies. He believes in identifying issues and finding creative solutions that deliver tangible results.
Beyond his work as a backend developer, Sandip has a passion for exploring the outdoors. He enjoys traveling to the mountains and going on bike rides to explore the beautiful scenery around him. His love for adventure and exploring new places has taught him valuable skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork.

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2023 May 11 (Thu) ~ 12 (Fri)

@Dhulikhel, Nepal

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