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talk by Chris Travers
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Crazy Things You Can Do with PostgreSQL Indexes

Chris Travers

With the rise of NoSQL databases, a number of falsehoods have flourished regarding how to choose a database engine. This talk focuses specifically on Redis and PostgreSQL, and why one might choose one or the other.
At small scales, we can often get by thinking of database servers as black boxes, but as we scale, the internals and architecture become more and more important. This talk focuses on behavior of these systems at scale and under load.
In this presentation you will learn:
- How Redis and PostgreSQL differ architecturally
- How differences in architecture affect scalability and performance
- Cases here Redis is the clear winner
- Cases where PostgreSQL is the clear winner

Additionally, some notes will be offered in terms of where PostgreSQL can improve in to compete with the sorts of workloads that generally favor Redis.

About Speaker:

Chris has 24 years of experience with PostgreSQL as an application developer, database administrator, and database engineer. He has also worked as an engineering manager for teams maintaining critical environments. Chris's teams have managed PostgreSQL environments into the petabytes, and he has significant experience with mission-critical operations both as an individual contributor and as a manager. One particularly important contribution was the implementation of human factors or crew resource management training at Adjust, where he used to work. Chris has become a strong believer that our industry shortcomings can be resolved by looking at how other critical industries, such as airlines, avoid and manage incidents.

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2023 May 11 (Thu) ~ 12 (Fri)

@Dhulikhel, Nepal

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